Commercial Insurance Inspections

Protecting your business against unforeseen risks is key to ensuring continued success. At Underwood Insurance Adjusters, our commercial insurance inspection services deliver the insights you need to secure customized policies tailored to your operations. Our team of experienced adjusters will conduct thorough on-site surveys to identify potential hazards and provide detailed reports to your insurance company.

Our goal is to give you peace of mind knowing you have the right coverage to protect your livelihood. Below is an overview of our comprehensive commercial inspection offerings:

Property Insurance Inspections  

A major fire, storm, or other event could destroy your commercial property in minutes. Do you have adequate insurance to rebuild and recover? Our expert property insurance inspections identify vulnerabilities so your insurer can set appropriate policy limits.

We conduct exhaustive reviews of your building(s) and assets. Similar to a home inspection, we’ll look at the roof, foundation, walls, electrical systems, HVAC equipment, plumbing, and more. What sets our inspections apart is the level of detail. We document the building’s age, construction materials, number of stories, and fire mitigation systems. For manufacturing facilities, we examine workflow processes and storage procedures for hazardous materials.

Our inspectors use photographic evidence and comprehensive checklists to capture the full scope. We outline maintenance needs, building code violations, safety hazards like slip risks and fire hazards, security gaps, and more. You’ll receive a full written report to share with your insurer highlighting areas of concern and recommended repairs. With a clear view of your risks, insurers can set appropriate policy premiums, limits, and deductibles.

Liability Insurance Inspections

Lawsuits from employee injuries, customer accidents, or other incidents can devastate an unprotected business. Our liability insurance inspections identify hazards so your insurer can tailor coverage to safeguard your company. We examine areas like:

Premises Safety

We scan for tripping dangers, insufficient lighting, unsafe staircases, lack of railings, and other risks that could cause slip and falls. Our team has prevented countless accidents for clients through our findings.

Products & Services

Do you face risks with your products harming customers or your services causing damage? We’ll assess your offerings and processes to pinpoint any areas of concern. For example, a restaurant may need higher liability limits in case of a foodborne illness.

Equipment Operation

Improper use of machinery, forklifts, and other equipment often leads to employee injury claims. We’ll inspect your equipment, review operating procedures, and identify needs for additional worker training.

Fire Hazards

Our inspectors check for fire code violations and other fire risks that could lead to catastrophic losses and liability if a blaze occurs. Something as simple as overloaded electrical sockets can make the difference between safety and disaster.

Regular commercial insurance inspections provide immense value for businesses seeking protection. The small upfront investment can save you untold costs down the line if a major loss occurs. Contact Underwood Insurance Adjusters today to schedule your on-site inspection! We look forward to helping defend your business against unforeseen risks.