At Underwood Insurance Adjusters, we provide comprehensive commercial and residential insurance inspection services to help ensure you have the optimal coverage you need. Our team of experienced and certified adjusters will thoroughly assess your property and provide an accurate, detailed report to your insurance company.

What We Offer?​​

Commercial Inspection Services

We understand that businesses face immense risks every day. There are hazards that many business owners don’t even realize exist on their premises. That’s why our commercial inspection services are so important. We will work closely with you to identify any areas of concern and ensure you have insurance policies in place to protect your livelihood.

Residential Inspection Services

Protecting your home and assets is personal. Our residential insurance inspection services are designed to give you peace of mind that your insurer has a complete view of your property’s risks. 

Commercial Property Insurance Inspections

Our certified adjusters will conduct an exhaustive inspection of your commercial building(s), inventory, equipment, furnishings, and other assets. We check for safety hazards, maintenance issues, building code violations, fire risks, and more. Our comprehensive reports help insurance companies accurately evaluate property risks and determine appropriate policy premiums and coverage limits.

Commercial Liability Insurance Inspections

Slip and falls, employee injuries, food contamination, and other accidents can lead to major liability claims against your business. Our experienced team will thoroughly inspect your premises to identify any liability exposures or situations that may leave you vulnerable. We’ll make recommendations on improving safety and reducing risks through preventative measures. Our detailed reports provide the information insurers need to tailor your policy limits and exclusions specifically for your business’s risk profile.

Residential Property Insurance Inspections

From the roof, gutters, and attic to the foundation, crawlspace, electrical, and plumbing systems – we will thoroughly examine the structural and mechanical condition of your house and property. You’ll receive a comprehensive residential inspection report that informs your insurer about the current state of your home and any repairs needed.

Residential Liability Insurance Inspections

Faulty steps, pools without proper barriers, dog bites, and other hazards can leave you vulnerable to liability lawsuits from guests. We will inspect your property with a liability lens, highlighting any risks such as unsafe walkways, missing handrails, trampoline hazards, etc. so your insurer can set appropriate liability coverage limits.